A delightful Middle Eastern smorgasbord at Adana in Glendale.”

If you want to understand Adana, a Middle Eastern restaurant in an industrial corner of Glendale, you should probably order what the menu calls the cheese platter. At $11, it is by far the most expensive appetizer, although it resembles a plate that many Iranian restaurants put out on the table free — slabs of milky feta, stacked like bricks in an ancient wall, fragrant heaps of mint and purple basil, and crisp wedges of raw onion mild…


This Armenian Life”

Greater Los Angeles is a collection of not just smaller cities but also exotic populations. Among those cities is Glendale (not so small: it would be the second-most-populous city in New England), a center of the Armenian diaspora and home to one of the world’s largest Armenian populations outside Armenia. Fleeing religious violence in the late 19th century, genocide in the early 20th or the Soviet Union after that, Armenian Californians became…


His stuffed grape leaves are probably the best I've ever tasted, tender as pastry, slightly soured with green grape juice instead of vinegar, and rolled around herbed rice you could swear was flavored with lamb, although it is wholly vegetarian.

Jonathan Gold - Los Angeles Times restaurant critic